Horizon International School is extremely proud to have launched the EVOLV3 programme in September 2019.

What is the EVOLV3 programme and who is it targeting?

The main aim of the Evolv3 programme is to target our most able, gifted and talented students (MAGT) to develop their promise in the subjects they enjoy and excel in. It’s a monthly rolling programme which takes place on the weekends throughout the academic year and will offer a broad range of subject specialisms designed to engage different cohorts of students from the MAGT0 register. A selection of these students from Years 4 to 13 will be invited to attend these sessions based on the parameters of each subject being delivered.

Why have we introduced the EVOLV3 programme?

Studies have shown that people who participate in programmes such as EVOLV3 maintain their interests after they have completed their education and continue to contribute to their specialised fields leading to greater success in later life. Horizon International School believes these students need a platform where they can be challenged to share their powerful messages and talents.

How do we aim to achieve this?

We will provide opportunities for these students to explore a deeper knowledge and understanding, and develop an advanced skill set within the subjects they demonstrate particular strength in and are passionate about.

Through utilizing our specialist teaching staff, professionals within our community, and linking with inspirational external speakers, we will deliver innovative experiences not accessible within the constraints of the schools weekly curriculum.

We have an exciting calendar of events planned throughout the year that will be pitched to stretch and challenge each student to maximise their potential. They will learn to master the skills to become exceptional within the subjects they excel.

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3

Session 1

Session 1 - Serious about Sport - 2nd November 2019

The 2nd of November was the start of our EVOLV3 journey, with HIS teaming up with the well-respected fitness professionals at Fit Republik who invited us to use their facility and learn from the best. Twenty of our most able, gifted and talented sports students from Year 6 to 12 attended the day. The feedback from the students, staff and parents was excellent with everyone taking away lots of useful fitness ideas including nutritional advice, new training techniques as well as guidance on how to prepare mentally for sporting competitions.

This session aimed to motivate and engage these students through working alongside like-minded peers in a professional sporting environment while helping them to master the skills and knowledge to develop their sporting talents further. The goal was achieved with everyone involved experiencing a great afternoon of fun fitness while showcasing our school motto 'Serious about Sport' in full. We would like to publicly thank the Fit Republik team for hosting such an amazing elite sports training and sports nutrition session.

Parent Quote:

"Dear Horizon Team, I wanted to give you some feedback for the Evolv3 Serious about Sport sessions yesterday at Fit Republik.

Our son had a tremendous time. His level of enthusiasm and interest when I met him afterwards was a delight to see. He took a lot away from the day and I truly believe he has been inspired by the day’s events.

I wanted to thank the team for including him in the group and providing this opportunity which has clearly had a positive impact and provides great fuel for moving forward."

Student Quote:

Benefit: I had lots of fun
Knowledge Gained: Great healthy eating advice and new exercises to keep me fit
Problems: No Problems
Comments: I loved it and want to do it again

"Many of these students have now signed up for a 10-week training programme led by the personal trainers from the newly opened Studio Republik. These sessions started on Wednesday 15th January 2020 and will update you on the students’ progress throughout the term."

Session 2

Session 2 – War of Words 7th December 2019

Our second EVOLV3 session was held on Saturday 7th December, 'War of Words' was focused on enhancing the debating skills of a selected group of English students, identified for their performance in lessons, oracy skills and presenting ability.

The session provided the students with the opportunity to explore their knowledge and understanding of debating further, while acquiring an advanced skill set, to assist them with the procedures, preparation and presentation and of a healthy debate.

Utilizing our specialist teaching staff and professionals within our community we planned and offered engaging, active, learner-centred activities to develop their higher-order and critical thinking skills. Through the analysis of different debates, the students enhanced their analytical, research and note-taking skills. Finally, providing the students with a platform to carry out group debates, focusing on important global topics such as climate change they enhanced their ability to form balanced, informed arguments and to use reasoning and evidence. Through this process, they learned how to master effective speech composition and delivery while increasing their confidence, poise, and self-esteem. It was a pleasure to watch the students working as a team collaboratively to form their arguments and counter-arguments so effectively and eloquently.

Student Quote 1:

"It was great, I gained many skills and tricks of the trade suitable for debating and public speaking. "

Student Quote 2:

" I really enjoyed learning how to open and close a debate and how to talk in a public setting. "

A selection of these students will now be receiving coaching on a Thursday afternoon throughout Term 2 and 3 working towards a presentation at the Inaugural TEDx Conference on Saturday 6th June. We look forward to showcasing our fantastic students on the day by conducting live debates, listening to a selection of TEDx style student talks about subjects they are passionate about as well as inviting guest speakers from the HIS community links and from around Dubai.

Other information to share

To see all the videos from the EVOLV3 sessions please view them on the EVOLV3 main page.

Please see our EVOLV3 poster for the up and coming EVOLV3 sessions.

Please follow our HIS_enrichment_enhancement Instagram page for further updates, stories and videos of the sessions throughout the year.

Special thanks to Sammy Krishnakumar in Year 9, one of our academic scholars for designing the Evolv3 logo.

Session 3

This weekend on Saturday 1st February 2020 the HIS EVOLV3 programme introduced it's third session 'Unsolved Problems' to 29 of our most mathematically minded students from Years 6 to 12. They had the chance to delve into parts of Maths that they didn’t know existed; looking at some of the problems that have troubled mathematicians for decades, and in some cases, centuries. The students also explored the big picture of maths and had the chance to discuss mathematical futures and connect with Dr Sunny Modhara, who uses mathematics from his PhD every day to solve problems to help the UK’s railway system run smoothly.

This EVOLV3 session was correctly titled “Unsolved Problems: The hardest way to make a million dollars” and as the name suggests’ it gave students the opportunity to encounter Maths that was far more difficult and obscure than they had ever come across before as well as engaging them with completely new concept. The students responded very positively to this and worked collaboratively to overcome the challenges they faced.

In the year 2000 the Clay Mathematics Institute announced the seven most difficult and important unsolved problems in the field of Mathematics. Each problem offers a prize of $1 million US dollars for a solution, a proof, or in some cases just “furthering our understanding of the problem”. These problems would form the basis of the session; they include:

  • The Riemann Hypothesis, formulated in the 1850s and renowned as one of the toughest problems going uses Complex Analysis to search for a pattern in the prime numbers, which if cracked would have extraordinary implications for the entire world of internet banking, cyber-security and the safety of the global financial system
  • The Hodge Conjecture, concerning the mathematical discipline of topology, put simply involves the relationship between algebra and geometry, except in higher dimensions (such as 4, 5, 6 dimensional ‘shapes’ and beyond)
  • The Navier-Stokes Equations from the field of fluid mechanics describe how fluids behave – very useful for keeping planes in the air, predicting changes in the Earth’s climate system and understanding how blood moves around the body. Mathematicians want to further our understanding of the solutions of some of the more complex cases of these equations

The other problems are wide ranging, concerning computer science and the solvability of complex problems, quantum mechanics and the behaviour of particles at low energy levels and the relationships between elliptical curves and rational numbers. To say that these problems are difficult is an understatement. So far, two decades on, only one of the problems (the Poincaré Conjecture) has been solved.

The purpose of the session was not for students to learn maths, but to learn about some of the maths that goes on at the cutting edge of the discipline. When Andrew Wiles was 10 years old he discovered Fermat’s Last Theorem, a problem that had puzzled mathematicians for over 300 years. Nearly 30 years later, Wiles proved the theorem he had discovered as a 10-year-old, making an invaluable contribution to the field of Mathematics along the way. Plenty of the maths on offer in our Evolv3 session may be too obscure for young students now, but they may be able to look back to the start of their journey when they prove the Riemann Hypothesis in the year 2050!

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