School Reopening Information

Before We Begin School

All staff members will be Covid-19 tested. All parents are required to complete the following as per the KHDA/MoE regulations.This is a regulation before you can start the school year. Your cooperation in its completion is very much needed and appreciated:

  1. State your intentions regarding return to school

  2. Completed the DHA Self Declaration Form

  3. Sign the Parent School Contract - This will be issued by the KHDA directly ahead of the start of the academic year

Classes/Class teachers and Form Tutors for 2020/21

This will be communicated on 16th August.
FS and Primary will be informed of Class Teachers.
Secondary will be informed of Form Tutors and will collect individual student timetables on the first day of school, as is normal practice.

In School Learning/Distance Learning

It is our sincere wish and hope that parents will feel safe and confident to send children back to school. We understand that in the early stages, some parents may wish to continue with aspects of Distance Learning. The KHDA has stipulated that the school must offer the opportunity for children to access Learning from home. At this point, we highlight that this provision will not be as extensive nor as detailed as the version of the Distance Learning Programme which we followed in Term 3. The school does not have the additional staffing nor provision to provide a return to school as well as a full Distance Learning Programme. If you select Distance Learning, you do so for the whole of Term 1. We will then revise what will happen in Term 2 and respond accordingly depending on the situation.
There will also be no discount available for Distance Learning. The approved KHDA fee applies to in school and Distance Learning.

School Timings

The school will be open daily. We will maintain as close to our usual start and finish times as possible.

FS1/FS2 - Start 8.15am - Finish 12.45pm and 1pm respectively.
Year 1/2 - Start 8.00am - Finish 2.30pm - 2-45pm
Year 3/4/5/6 - Start 8.00am - Finish 2.45pm - 3pm
Secondary - Start 7.45am - Finish 3pm

There will be a staggered drop off from 7.30 - 8.15am as well as pick up times. This is to manage the flow of people around the campus. The details of this as well as how parents can access the campus will be communicated in your Return to School Handbook.

Car Park

The car park layout will change to ensure that we increase our capacity for drop off and collection. This will be communicated to you fully in the Return to School Handbook.

Star Club

There will be limited availability for after school care due to capacity and social distancing measures. Star Club will be offered on a first come first served basis. Please liaise directly with Star Club for details of their provision:
00971 56 609 7933


We are not permitted to host Internal ECAs in school, from 1 till 4pm. This is one of the protocols outlined by the KHDA.
We will develop 'online' ECAs for children to do at home. Paid ECAs will be available from 4pm. If children attend a paid ECA after 4pm, they must leave the school site and return at the ECA start time. There will be no facility to 'house' children while they wait for an ECA. These activities will be facilitated under the remit of Dubai Sports Council. Providers will communicate with you directly as to what can be offered in Term 1.


School uniform must be worn by all students. As stipulated by the KHDA protocols, students will need to be provided with clean uniform every day. Our uniform provider is able to take online orders:
Our providers also have an extension to their shop in J3 Mall. FOHIS also run a preloved uniform shop. FOHIS will send details about this via iSAMS. On PE days, children come to school in PE kit and remain in PE.


Students will require the usual stationery for school, as per the Parent Handbook. However, all equipment must remain in school and is for the sole use of the student. This includes writing pens and pencil cases. This is the same for text books/exercise books and literature. All these items will remain safely locked in the classroom in school. In the case of Secondary, student may store items in their lockers. Any student reference material to be completed at home will be made available online/digitally. Personal iPads and Laptops will not remain in school. These need to be taken home and brought to school daily.


GPT will continue to offer school transport with a 50% occupancy. There will be no increase in fees. If parents wish to avail of GPT Transportation, please contact:
00971 56 515 0987

Juzz Bar/MasterCook

Juzz Bar will not be open in Term 1.
Master Cook will run an approved menu/service. Please contact Master Cook for details:
00971 52 602 6008
In the early stages, as we get used to being back in school, we strongly encourage families to ensure students come to school with their own food.

Electronic Devices

FS - Year 2 will use school/class based devices
Year 3-6 have a Bring Your Own Device -ipads
Secondary - Bring Your Own Device - Laptops
Students should also bring to school a pair of headphones for blended learning lessons. These headphones do not need to be expensive or branded.

WB 30th August – Moving In

We are excited to welcome our students back to the school site, yet want to ensure we do so in a calm and safe way. As a result of some of the adaptations to the school campus and its environment, we will stagger the return of our students. Instead of an open morning, we will take the first week to bring back Year Groups on various days. We must ensure we get the process right and our community is comfortable with the measures in place during this initial phase. It will also provide us with the opportunity to teak any amendments that need to be made as we work our way practically through the system. FS will continue with their staggered start and this will be communicated by Mrs Cregan and her team WB 23 August. The Moving In Plan will be communicated with you on 20th August.

The return to school is a very personal one. We are aware that there are many who are excited to return and will adapt to the modifications with ease. We are aware that for some, this has be a challenging and emotional time and you will need further reassurance and support to get your family back into school. I am very confident that the team and I will be able to ensure a smooth, safe and happy transition back to school.

Key dates:

16th August - Class Teacher/Form Tutor announcements
20th August – Moving In plan communicated to families by School Leaders
23rd August - Deadline for Parent response re: Distance Learning or In School Learning
WB 23rd August - Photos and Video/Walkthroughs of the sections of the school
24th August - Return to school handbook issued to families


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